Alfred Harris DAMAGE DETECTED 18 x 18" Mixed Media on Panel with Resin

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Alfred Harris DAMAGE DETECTED  18 x 18" Mixed Media on Panel with Resin

"I work with paper and paint and am drawn to certain materials, colors and textures.  I love to combine disparate things to create a harmonious piece.  I might use different kinds of textured paper, map fragments, the tissue paper of dress patterns, flight patterns, Braille paper, pages from old Sears Roebuck catalogues.  I like the feel of paper; the translucency of it.  I like its fibrousness; its organicity:  the fact that someone mulched up all these ingredients with rice to make it.  I don’t use paper that comes in reams or rolls; I like special paper.  I like pages from old books, Japanese Noh Theatre paper that comes with a history.  Pieces of paper are like a window to another world altogether.  I can create a play between what’s in the window and what I’ve done with it, how it interacts with other elements in the work.  In that way paper can add another dimension to things."

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