Holly Ballard Martz MISCALCULATION 18 x 12” glass vial, powdered chalk, chalkboard eraser

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I am a collector of objects and language.  I scour thrift shops, antique malls, ebay, and etsy, at times in search of a specific item, but more often than not, hoping to discover an oddity that will send me down an unexpected path. Similarly, I compile lists of words and phrases associated with specific themes and amass seemingly random expressions that may become the impetus for a new piece or series. Text not only serves as inspiration, but is often integral to the work. With both the words and objects I play with the original or inherent meaning, reinterpreting and amending the context. Familiar or incongruous objects are altered and juxtaposed in an attempt to push the viewers to examine their beliefs and engender critical thought.

My work takes a discerning view of social, political, and cultural issues; some of these include mental illness, gun violence, and income inequality. I often use dark humor when tackling difficult subjects in order to provide an entry point for the audience. My intent is to create conversation around issues we often choose to ignore or prefer to sweep under the rug.

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