Michael Dickter TWINS 18 x 18" oil and graphite on panel

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When I talk about my paintings I often use the analogy of writing.  An artist develops a visual vocabulary. That vocabulary can consist of marks, colors, a certain use of brushstroke, drips, splatters, a unique way to divide a canvas, imagery, words, or painted objects.

My vocabulary tends to consist of birds, flowers, written words, pencil scribble, erasures, and of course drips.  I gather this visual vocabulary and combine and recombine it in different ways.  Painting sentences that turn into stories much like a writer combines words to make a larger whole.  In this way a canvas can be seen as a story.  Many stories make up a body of work.

This is how I paint about the overarching themes in my work of permanence vs. impermanence, beauty, fragility, strength, love, and memory.  

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